How Much?

The smart currency converter that knows where you are.

On your wrist – or in your pocket.

Perfect! ★★★★★

This is just what I needed! I was looking for a currency converter I could use off-line while I'm standing in the store or market, starting at a price tag. I don't even have to scroll down a list of countries to find the local currency; it is automatically there on my phone. Easy and convenient! Thank you!

Excellent UX ★★★★★

At first I was put off by the lack of settings. Then I realized I didn't need any settings and the app did the correct thing.

Just works.

Always knows where you are.

By using GPS, “How Much?” will use the correct currency based on which country you are in.

Works without Wi‑Fi or data.

Works even when you don't have Wi‑Fi or data – which is often the case when travelling.

Keeps currency rates up to date.

Silently updates currency rates in the background when you do have a Wi‑Fi or data connection.

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